Character and Temperament



True to their heritage, the Bergamasco is foremost a herding breed that is a loving and devoted companion to it’s family, with a wonderful work ethic. They are protective and make good guard dogs but friendly toward strangers even if cautious and suspicious at first, once approved by their master. It is important to socialize Bergamascos early on as puppies to become well rounded adults. Bergamascos can become very fond of children when raised with them. They are a versatile breed and enjoy many activities with their owners such as agility, scent work, herding, obedience and hiking. Bergamascos are intelligent and affectionate, capable of a deep love and partnership.



The Bergamasco is a tending dog. They act as an imaginary fence when moving cattle or sheep to grazing areas.

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Bergamascos are competing in agility!


The Bergamasco is versatile

There are so many ways to have fun with your Bergamasco and they are always happy as long as they are with you.