Bergamasco Care and Grooming

Black female

Black female

Merle female puppy

Merle female puppy


The Bergamasco requires a high quality diet, daily exercise and a loving devoted family.

Some points on care:

  • Bergamascos can sometimes be picky eaters. Their meals should be nutritious and of high quality.

  • Bergamascos are herding dogs with protective instincts but they are not flock guardians. Bergamascos are meant to be close to their human families and should live in the home and not with livestock.

  • Bergamascos are considered more hypoallergenic than some other breeds but can still trigger allergies in some people.

  • Bergamascos are not physically mature until the age of 2 when the growth plates close.

  • Bergamascos require attention, devotion, love and all the best you can possibly offer a dog. They will reward you ten-fold.

The Flocked Coat

  • The Bergamasco has three types of hair: the undercoat, the wooly coat and the “goat hair” outercoat. The three weave together to form “flocks”

  • Flocks are different from cords. They are flat and wide and are distributed along the body according to the types and concentrations of the hairs in that area.

  • The flocks start as clumpy mats that can be felt as early as 7 months or as late as 14 months depending on the dog.

  • They must be separated by hand and timing is key to this process.

  • They will require separation until they are set and then will require ongoing care and maintenance from that point on.

  • Bergamascos will moult their puppy coats but generally do not shed. Their coats will bring in debris from the outdoors however such a leaves, pine needles etc.

  • The coat itself has no odor but it can mildew if it becomes wet and does not dry properly. It naturally repels mist and light rain but will need to be dried if soaked through the flock.

  • The coat will grow in length for the life of the dog. In general, the length of the coat is indicative of the age of the dog.

  • The flocked coat can be brushed on the surface with a slicker brush to remove debris. The head and face can be brushed normally. An ideal coat is lighter in the front, allowing for unencumbered reach and movement.


Flocks can provide warmth, insulation & protection from elements

There is skin visible around each flock and it is not matted to the skin. There is a small space where the hair is not matted and allows for air circulation.

Variations of Coat and Color

These are some basic colors you will see. There are different variations of each not all shown here.



4 months old



adult male



7 month old puppy



adult male



Puppies born black, turning grey



Born black adult female